Infrared heating is a new technology so understandably there is some uncertainly in the market place. Infrared heating panels work very differently than conventional convection heaters, let me explain how.

Typical convection radiators, powered by gas or electric, work by filling up with hot water. This then heats the air around the radiators which rises, letting cool air in. This process continues, with hot air continually rising, cooling and falling again. This cycle is known as a convection current and it is how the room is typically heated.

Infrared panels however transmit heat by thermal radiation, emitting lots of infrared rays, just like the sun. Importantly however UV light is not present, so they are completely safe to use. The rays emitted literally bounce around the room, every time they hit an object, some of the heat is absorbed, affecting the temperature of the object on a molecular level. The object, irrespective of what it is, then emits the heat back out using conduction, convection or radiation.

This graphic visually portrays the difference between traditional convection heating and Infrared heating.

Conduction is where heat energy is transferred via contact between 2 surfaces. This can include you for example when you sit on a chair and the heat of the chair is passed to you.

Convection of course is the traditional method of heating the air directly around the heat source.

Radiation is the process of heat energy transfer between objects via the electromagnetic spectrum. No air is used, the heat passes from the source directly to the target. This is the way infrared panels radiate heat in the atmosphere.

The obvious advantage here is that no energy is wasted on heating the air in the room, you feel the rays directly on your skin. This process is far more efficient and quicker than traditional convection heating, instant in fact. The result of this is that you get a very dry heat so there is less risk of damp in your walls. Clients also report that it eliminates any stuffiness in the room and less ‘cold spots.’

I am a big fan of infrared heaters; I believe they are the future. They are cleaner and more efficient. Don’t hesitate to contact me for further information.


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